CFIA Code of Ethics

We, the members of the CFIA, accept the responsibility to practice our profession according to these ethical standards.

As a pledge of our professional responsibility, all CFIA members will:

  • Perform their professional service always for the good of the student.

  • Provide the best possible instruction according to the accepted techniques and standards of the industry.

  • Recognize in each student a unique human personality and strive to help all students reach their highest potential.

  • Deal impartially with all students.

  • Treat their fellow instructors with respect and consideration.

  • Give appropriate support to those persons engaged in aviation instruction.

  • Uphold the federal aviation regulations.

  • Constantly strive to broaden their knowledge and understanding so that they may be better aviation instructors.

  • Whenever possible advise, counsel, and assist their fellow instructors so as to maintain only the highest standards of our profession.